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If you are a fan of hiking and nature, I´m sure that, in your weekend trails, you might have come across, or even followed, certain routes marked with different colour paint. Well, the time has come for you to discover what is the meaning  of these signs and how to interpret them. What are you waiting for? Go on, discover the different kinds of hiking routes!


Footpaths GR (Gran Recorrido – Long Distance)

GR are footpaths that have been approved by FEDME (Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing), who give them their numbering. For a footpath to be considered GR it must have certain characteristics. Firstly, the distance has to be covered in more than a day, or have a minimum distance of 50km. It has to be a footpath open for most people for most of the year. The distinctive colours of this footpath category are white and red. As a curiosity, El Camino de Santiago is considered a GR, precisely GR-65, but because it is such a special route, it has its own signposting, which prevail over the GR official ones./p>


FOOTPATHS PR (Pequeño recorrido – Small Distance)

PR footpaths are small distance routes that cover anything from 10 km and  49 km. Its creation, accreditation, numbering and maintenance depends on the provincial federation of mountain sports (PR-G – Galicia). The colours used to mark PR routes are white and yellow.


FOOTPATHS SL (Senderos locales – Local footpaths)

Like the PR routes (small distance), the local ones also depend on the provincial federations of mountain sports. In order to be considered a local footpath it must not exceed 10 km. The colours used to mark this footpaths are white and green.


There are also other signs that combine different meanings. At the end of this post you can find illustrations of different combinations you can come across.


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