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Essential old structures, which enable us to transport goods and people where previously was impossible, and helps us to save kilometres with geographical accidents as we don’t have to go around them. This mix of architecture and engineering is undoubtedly one of the most useful constructions engineered by man.

This list of the most representative bridges of the Camino de Santiago will serve as our little tribute to them.

Top Bridges on Camino de Santiago

7. Bridge over Parga river, Concello de Begonte.

Gothic medieval bridge with double arcade, consisting of a semicircular arch and a pointed arch. Although the construction itself is not very spectacular, it is the combination of the style and the location which give to this bridge a place in our the top 7.

Foto: Xurde Morán (Blogspot)

Photo: Xurde Morán (Blogspot)

Where is it? | Route: Camino del Norte | Stage: Baamonde – Sobrao dos Monxes

6. Áspera Bridge, Sarria.

Built in slate and granite masonry on the Celebrio River, this three arches bridge of Roman origins is located in the French Way. Recently, due to its precarious state,  Sarria´s borough has proposed the bridge as a candidate for public funding help towards its preservation.

Foto: Pedro Alfonso (Blogspot)

Photo: Pedro Alfonso (Blogspot)

Where is it? | Route: Camino Francés | Stage: Sarria – Portomarín

5. Itero’s Bridge, Itero de Vega.

On the Pisuerga river you find one of the longest bridges of “El Camino de Santiago”. Alfonso VI de León commissioned its construction during the 11th Century. The bridge was remodelled during the 17th Century. The 11 arches, that form the bridge, connect the province of Burgos with Palencia, and more specifically the towns of “Itero de Vega” and “Itero del Castillo”.

Foto: José Antonio (Flickr)

Photo: José Antonio (Flickr)

Where is it? | Route:Camino Francés | Stage:Hontanas – Boadilla del Camino

4. Rage’s Bridge, Zubiri.

This bridge with medieval and gothic style is Zubiri´s major attraction. According to the legend, under the central pillar of the bridge lay the remains of “Santa Quiteria”, saint protector against rabies. In the past, around the eleventh century, the villagers walked the animals that contracted the illnesses over the bridge 3 times hoping for the animals to get cured. Without a doubt the best asset of the bridge is its legend.

Foto: Miguel Ángel García (Flickr)

Photo: Miguel Ángel García (Flickr)

Where is it? | Route: Camino Francés | Stage: Roncesvalles – Zubiri

3. Salamanca’s Roman Bridge.

Salamanca has many iconic landmarks and without a doubt  the Roman bridge is one of them. P The bridge appears on the shield of the city, fact that highlights the importance of the bridge. Hundreds of people walk through the bridge every day, reason the blocks of the bridge had been restored many times. The image of the bridge with Cathedral as a background is one of the MOST recurrent picture that tourists photograph. The fact that I chose this bridge has nothing to do with the fact that i am from Salamanca, i really think that the bridge deserves this 3rd position.

Foto: Fernando García (Flickr)

Photo: Fernando García (Flickr)

Where is it? | Route: Vía de la Plata | Stage: San Pedro de Rozados – Salamanca

2. Puente de la Reina.

This romanesque bridge of 110m long could easily make it in the 7 top Romanesque constructions if this post existed. Before, the inhabitants of the town placed statues of saints on the pillars of the bridge so pilgrims could focus in  their devotions, tradition that unfortunately had now disappeared.

Foto: aherrero (Flickr)

Photo: aherrero (Flickr)

Where is it? | Route: Camino Francés | Stage: Pamplona/Iruña – Puente de la Reina

1. Puente de Canfranc o Puente de los Peregrinos.

Although the bridge resembles a Romanesque bridge, the actual bridge was built during the XVI century (late Gothic – Renaissance). The bridge was built resembling the bridge that once stood there (probably romanesque) and that was destroyed during a flood of the river Aragon. This medieval looking building with the mountains scenery as  background is something magical, reason why this bridge is on our list deed. The bridge builder, Ramon de Argelas, signed his work on the parapet of the bridge, and firm that can still be read .

Foto: Javier Valero Iglesias (Flickr)

Photo: Javier Valero Iglesias (Flickr)

Where is it? | Ruta: Camino Francés desde Aragón | Stage: Somport – Jaca

Extra. Honorable Way Bridge.

Before I finish this entry I would like to encourage you to visit my colleague Isaac entries. Among them you will find practical advice in how to plan for “el Camino”, personal stories and experiences, and even how to take care of a blister, which is common pain with the walkers.

Foto: Lourdes Cardenal (Wikipedia)

Photo: Lourdes Cardenal (Wikipedia)

Where is it? | Route: Camino Francés | Stage: San Martín del Camino – Astorga

This is everything for today. Remember you can leave your comment just on the box below. Do you like the choice of bridges i made? Do you think there is another bridge that deserves to be on this list? Please let us know. You can follow Vojo through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Header Photo: J. Andrew Flenniken (Flickr).
Translation: Jessica Gispert.


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