How to improve your walking


As Alejandro clearly explains in the accompanying video, our way of walking says very much about ourselves. Many factors influence our body while we walk or exercise: rythm, hydration, age, breaks,…The overall performance of our body will improve if we manage all these factors properly and responsively, helping us enjoy any of our rambling outings, independently of mileage.

Let´s have a look at the most important ones in a bit more detail:

Each person is a world of its own, and has a particular walking rythm. We should always start slow and increase gradually until we reach a comfortable level.

Body posture
Independently of what physical activity we choose to undertake, it is always important to have a good understanding of our own body. Alejandro provides us with useful guidance on how prevent lesions and overloads by controlling our postures in both up and down climbs.

Adults are advised to schedule in 10 minutes stops throughout the day, one per every hour of walking, although this depends on the individual´s physical condition. When walking with children, it is advisable to make shorter but more frequent stops along the way.

Good hydration is key and should be part of the normal routine while walking. One should never get really thirsty as this would indicate dehydration.

Rambling has a very positive effect on our health and wellbeing. As any other sporting activity, it triggers the production of endorfins in our body, which have a positive impact on our body.

It is only natural that, with age we all lose our abilities to maintain physical effort. But a well managed lifestyle can help us maintain good fitness levels well into our silver years.

Alejandro offers some advice regarding diet intake before, during, and after a hike.

Now it is time to put this advise into action. We hope it will have a useful and positive effect on our future outings.

Translation: Ana Padilla.


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