The Holy Gate of Santiago opens extraordinarily


There are many reasons why the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is a unique building, along this year I have tried to show you the ones I consider more relevant. Today, one of these reasons comes to our attention again, we are talking about the Holy Gate (la Puerta Santa).

As I mentioned a few months back in this entry, the Holy Gate only opens on Jacobean years, an event that happens every 6, 5, 6 and 11 years, so, it is only possible to access the Cathedral through this gate on only 14 occasions in every 100 years. Now, you might be wondering what is the reason for this new post? Well, the Council of Canons of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela decided to open the gate on the Holy Year extraordinaire dedicated to Mercy by Pope Francis II, so the wall that usually blocks the door came down on the 8th of December 2015, allowing the entrance until the 20th of November 2016. So far in its history there have been only 26 Jacobean celebrations in Santiago, so this is an extraordinary event that will probably bring an increase in pilgrims´ visits to the Galician city.

Foto: José Luis Filpo Cabana (Wikipedia). Puerta Santa. Interior de la Catedral de Santiago de Compostela

Photo: José Luis Filpo Cabana

Undoubtedly this is good news for all the pilgrims visiting Santiago during this period, which was the case for our colleague Isaac, he never lets go of a chance to “take a walk” on El Camino. In this occasion he chose El Camino Inglés (the English Way) from Ferrol, although he will follow to Finisterre. He will be taking and posting some videos of his experience, you can follow him daily on this page, support him and ask him questions, and why not, you can pose him little challenges for him to solve.

If after reading these blog entries about the Holy Gate you still have any doubts, or simply you feel curious to know more about this, check this article from ABC newspaper, where everything relating to this particularity is clearly explained.

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Translation: Elvira Sánchez.


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