The Pilgrim’s train


We know that El Camino de Santiago can be done in different ways: on foot, by bike, on horseback, on a cart, but also once a year there is the possibility of doing it by train. Yes, you read correctly, by train.

Do not worry, they have not laid train tracks along El Camino Frances, but it is a nice and curious way for those that for a variety of reasons cannot do the Jacobean route in a more traditional way.

Renfe initiates this alternative for a second year in a row, and has planned four different dates within the summer months:  28th of July, 4th of de August, 11th of August and the 18th of August. All departures are from Madrid and have four stops Astorga, Ponferrada, Monforte de Lemos and Santiago de Compostela, they return to Madrid five days later.

The train Talgo for this train pilgrimage will count with all sort of comforts for the ones inclined to use it. Double rooms with en suite bathroom and television, a cafeteria, restaurant and a carriage as a leisure room, making it a hotel on rails. The price is  595€.

As a curiosity, and a little bit surprising, Renfe will guarantee that you will get a facsimil issued by the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, or what we call a “welcome” or “Bienvenida”, a certificate for pilgrims without a religious motive. I am sure that some pilgrims will find this peculiar.

Despite the attractive proposition, we are still on for donning our boots, backpack, vojo app and walk the walk. What do you think? Are you a pilgrim or a “traingrim”?



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Soy diseñador multimedia, hiker experimentado y arquitecto de Rutas en Vojo. Un día descubrí el Camino de Santiago y ya no me lo pude sacar de la cabeza. Me gustaría compartir con todos vosotros la experiencia y conocimientos que he podido adquirir a lo largo de cientos de kilómetros recorridios por esta y otras rutas, y dar a conocer consejos, historias y curiosidades que te ayuden a disfrutar mucho más tu Camino.

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