Tips and exercises to get ready for your route


In Vojo Way we not only care about our users having the best of experiences when walking The Camino de Santiago or going for a weekend hike; but we also care that you make it to your destination following the chosen route without trouble and safely. We love you arriving to your goal in perfect condition. With that in mind, we open this brand new section with tips for your physical care and readiness.

Alejandro Estrán is a physical and personal trainer, he will be the person in charge of showing us the technique and the exercises to optimise your fitness during all of your routes. In the coming videos he will tell us how to do some exercises for muscle conditioning, joint mobility and tips to improve physical performance, paying special attention to details such as hydration, nutrition and resting periods. Do not miss them!

Translation: Elvira Sánchez.


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Isaac Martínez

Soy diseñador multimedia, hiker experimentado y arquitecto de Rutas en Vojo. Un día descubrí el Camino de Santiago y ya no me lo pude sacar de la cabeza. Me gustaría compartir con todos vosotros la experiencia y conocimientos que he podido adquirir a lo largo de cientos de kilómetros recorridios por esta y otras rutas, y dar a conocer consejos, historias y curiosidades que te ayuden a disfrutar mucho más tu Camino.

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