Warming up exercises: Part 1


Before start exercising it is advisable to perform some warm up exercises to activate our body and prepare it for the activity. Different muscle groups would be involved during different activities, so it is important that you warm up the muscles you will work out. Warming up properly helps to prevent injuries and helps to have a more optimal performance during the excise.

In this video, our friend Alejandro teaches us what kind of exercises we should do before starting  to walk to warm up our joints :


1 – Ankle Rotations:
Support your  foot down on the floor and do 10 rotations clockwise and 10 anticlockwise.

2 – Knee Rotations:
Put your hands on your knees and slightly bend them. Do 10 rotations clockwise and another 10 anticlockwise.
3 – Hip Rotation:
Stand up and open your legs about 40 cm, put your hands on your hips and do 10 clockwise hip rotations, increasing the circumference at an intermediate pace. Repeat the action this time anticlockwise.

4 – Shoulders:
Put your arms straight to your body in a relaxed way. Rotate your shoulders 10 times forwards and 10 times backwards.

5 – Arms:
Stretch your arms forward and rotate them backwards 10 times increasingly the circumference each time. Repeat the movement rotating the arm forwards.

After these warm up moves we pass to the second part of the warm up activities with more dynamic exercises.

Translation: Jessica Gispert.


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